What is a Talent Network?

A talent network works directly with the top employers in a specific sub sector to provide premium talent for key positions. We work with owners, general managers, department heads and other senior managers to find qualified applicants for technical, management and sales jobs. We recruit year round, across Canada, using our network of industry stakeholders, including candidates, educational staff, service providers and technical experts.

What advantages does a Talent Network provide?

A single employer cannot access a national labour pool as effectively as a dedicated Talent Network. We connect with a broad spectrum of candidates at various stages of their industry career – from new entrants looking to relocate into Western Canada, to established technical staff looking for greater opportunities.

The best candidates are often the ones that are the least likely to see and respond to a single job ad, preferring to use their industry reputation and connections to attract potential employers. Operating year round our Talent Network optimizes client opportunities to find these preferred candidates.

By taking the time to meet candidates directly, and repeatedly if necessary, we establish a level of communication that is impractical for one employer. We take the guess work out of matching the job opportunity to the capabilities and qualifications of each candidate by providing a detailed referral file to our client employers.

Use our Talent Network to find the right fit the first time.