Is the candidate my employee or a WoodTech employee?

  • Woodtech provides candidate searches for client companies and will assist with the selection process as agreed. When you have decided to hire one of our candidates and your offer is accepted, the candidate becomes an employee of the client company.

How are your fees calculated?

  • Client companies do not pay any fees until our candidate is hired. Fees are calculated and paid as outlined in our service agreement.  You will be invoiced once our candidate has started work with your company.

Are there ongoing costs each year?

  • There are no annual fees for placing candidates into vacant positions with our client companies.

What if the candidate quits?

  • Employers are fully covered if a candidate is lost during the first 120 days they work in the position originally hired for. Additional protection is provided by our phased payment schedule, which delays file closure until 6 months of employment. (See our Terms doc for details.)

Do you set the pay level that the employee gets?

  • Compensation for candidates hired by our client companies is determined by the client. Woodtech can provide assistance with establishing appropriate compensation for candidates based on market comparisons.

Are you going to recruit the candidate for another job later?

  • We value our client companies and, once placed, we do not continue to pursue other opportunities for the selected candidate.

Do you deal with candidates outside Canada?

  • Woodtech can assist client companies with hiring foreign workers and immigration.

Do you do temporary positions, maternity leaves etc?

  • Woodtech does not offer temporary employee services to clients.

Why would your advertising be more effective than mine?

  • We recruit year round using our network of industry stakeholders, referrals, educational staff, service providers and technical experts.